About flanceHUB

...bridging work force the simplest way!
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What is flanceHUB?

flanceHUB is a free collaborative web-based application which is commonly used nowadays in project development with an offshore/overseas employees.

It's FREE!?!

You got it right! It is free! flanceHUB offers a free use of the collaborative software. Compared to other Project Management, Basecamp or Collaborative websites — you need to pay a monthly or yearly bill and a expensive service fee for the collaborative software. With us, you can use freely without monthly charge fee. Free is just the right thing!

The only thing that's not free...

...is when you upload files. You need to deposit a cash load for your account to be able to upload files. Our collaborative software is implemented with prepaid system which is more convenient to use than paying the monthly or recurring fees.

Prepaid Mechanics

Upon using the system, before you can upload files, you need to load up your account with 10.00 USD, 25.00 USD, 50.00 USD, or 100.00 USD; Your cash load will then be deducted with 15¢ for every uploaded file. Should the cash load be consumed by the uploads an additional payment is required to be able to upload another file.

Note: If you upload a wrong file and delete it, your cash load will still be deducted.