We'll bridge your overseas work force in a simplest way!

Take a tour and sign-up with our free project & team management web application. It is equipped with collaboration tools for your team to work with. Try it now its FREE!

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Project Management

Makes success to all projects.
Project Management

Manage your specific project goals and objectives online, with milestones, tasks, shared schedules and information.

Team Management

Makes users manageable.
Team Management

Assign your users to their specific roles and responsibilities and assist their development.

Collaboration Tool

Tools to track everything.
Collaboration Tool

Provide collaborative tools to your users to keep on track of the development to their assigned projects.


What is flanceHUB?

flanceHUB is a free collaborative web-based application which is commonly used nowadays in project development with an offshore/overseas employees.

It's FREE!?!

You got it right! It is free! flanceHUB offers a free use of the collaborative software. Compare to others you need to pay a monthly or yearly bill and a expensive service fee for the collaborative software. With us, you can use freely without monthly charge fee. Free is just the right thing!

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News and Updates

  • Chat component added, you can now chat 1:1 with your team mates real time
  • Dashboard Tasks Viewer added, a quick view to your assigned tasks in first page
  • Updated to version 1.1.17, known bugs fixed & added some new features